CSI Anthropology Program - Anthropology, Geography, Law Enforcement, Pre-Law, Social Work, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Anthropology Program

Contact Person: Jim Woods
Office Location: Aspen 128-B
Direct Phone: 208-732-6862
E-mail: jwoods@csi.edu

AnthropologyAnthropology is the interdisciplinary study of the human species. The CSI Anthropology Program offers introductory course work in three of the four major sub-fields of anthropology including physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology. The program prepares students to transfer to a university for further studies toward a Bachelorís or advanced degrees. Two of the four anthropology courses satisfy core requirements at CSI. Particular emphasis is given on the anthropology of the Great Basin area.

Anthropology graduates find work in many fields including cultural resource management (federal, state, private), museums, foreign service, academic positions, and in research institutions in areas such as primatology, medical anthropology, and many more.

Completion of the program is designed to result in an Associateís degree, and meets the general education requirements at all Idaho public universities. Course selection should be coordinated to meet requirements for your intended transfer institution.