Twin Falls History

Twin Falls History

"In the Middle and on the Edge - The Twin Falls Region of Idaho" written by Dr. Jim GentryThose who discover history have learned to recognize and appreciate the events, the trends, and the experiences that unite us, wherever and whenever we live. All history, it might be said, is local history. That’s what makes a book like "In the Middle and on the Edge: The Twin Falls Region of Idaho" a great find.

Dr. Jim Gentry, who has taught history at the College of Southern Idaho for parts of the last four decades, recognized the opportunity he had to tell the story of this fascinating part of the United States. The history of Twin Falls as a city goes back only 100 years. In fact, the Twin Falls Centennial Commission helped underwrite the publishing of the book for the city’s 100th birthday in 2004. But Jim’s story begins thousands, even millions, of years before that when geologic upheavals put the region in the middle and on the edge long before man set foot here. Later, native people and early white explorers began to make their marks on the local landscape. “In the Middle and on the Edge” creatively weaves together the stories of how these ancient and recent forces created the Twin Falls region of Idaho.

But you don’t have to live in or be from southern Idaho to savor the many stories you'll find in Dr. Gentry’s book. What you will read about our pioneers, our growing pains and political trends, and how we carved and wrested a home out of the high, rugged desert of Idaho will prove once again that we have much in common regardless of where we live. History is a shared experience.

The College of Southern Idaho and the Twin Falls Centennial Commission are proud to be a part of this great book. We are confident that it will be valuable not only for area historical reference and education but also for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

Purchase Information: In addition to purchasing "In the Middle and on the Edge, The Twin Falls Region of Idaho" on-line, the book may be purchased in Twin Falls, Idaho at Barnes & Noble, the College of Southern Idaho Bookstore, Hastings and many local businesses. Book price is $14.95.