CSI Criminal Justice Program - Anthropology, Geography, Law Enforcement, Pre-Law, Social Work, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Criminal Justice Program Objectives

  1. To examine the social, philosophical, and historical perspectives of criminal behavior and the administration of criminal justice.
  2. To introduce students to major criminal procedure concepts and examine how corresponding Supreme Court precedent impacts criminal procedure.
  3. To introduce students to the historical development of policing in America and contemporary policing theories.
  4. To introduce students to the historical development of corrections in America and contemporary correctional theories.
  5. To introduce students to the law of criminal evidence and examine how criminal evidence law is applied during a criminal trial.
  6. To prepare students for transfer to a four year criminal justice program and upper-division course work in criminal justice administration.
  7. To prepare students for entry level positions in the criminal justice field.