CSI Law Enforcement Program - Anthropology, Geography, Law Enforcement, Pre-Law, Social Work, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Current Law Enforcement Officers

The CSI Law Enforcement Program accepts students who are current law enforcement officers who have not attended the POST Academy and need to be certified. Typically, your agency will ‘sponsor’ you to attend the program.

Agencies benefit by sending new employees to the CSI Law Enforcement Program because:

  • Class times and open campus allow for agencies to utilize students for duty during off times.
  • Local agencies have better access to records, classes and instructors to easily track student progress.
  • Local agencies participate directly in the training as instructors for more individualized and regionally specific law enforcement knowledge and practices.
  • Class schedule permits a diverse hiring pool for agency applicants.
  • Graduates may receive college credit towards an academic degree which may be more appealing to potential applicants thus, improving recruitment efforts.
  • Sending new recruits to the CSI Law Enforcement Program re-enforces community partnerships by supporting the college.

Upon completion of the program, the student law enforcement officer becomes eligible to take the POST Patrol Challenge Exam for certification. Law Enforcement agencies wishing to send new recruits to the program should contact the program administrator for more information.