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Beyond CSI

A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

The psychology program at CSI prepares students to transfer to a 4-year program to complete a Bachelor's degree in psychology or some related fields. Students who complete a 4-year degree in psychology, after transferring out of CSI, might gain employment in specific areas based on employers' needs, such as management, business, human resources, or research assistance. Students should plan coursework and other experiences around such areas of interest. Go to an external link to the Psych Web site for more information about entry-level jobs for psychology majors (click here).

Graduate Degrees in Psychology

A student who wishes to work as a psychologist must continue their education with graduate studies. To become a psychologist, one must have a graduate degree (Master's or Doctoral degree) in a particular area of specialization. These areas of specialization include diverse areas as clinical, cognitive, industrial/organization, school psychology, and so on.

Students should be aware that entrance into graduate school is competitive. Therefore, it is important to establish a high grade point average, complete particular courses, and to develop skills and experience relevant to one's area of specialization. A student thinking about graduate school in psychology should begin preparing to apply for admission by the end of their junior year. Consultation with an advisor is essential.